Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 edge, S8, S8 plus, Note 8 IMEI repair.

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Today we will be writing about Samsung Smartphones IMEI number and its problems and how to repair/fix it.

Sometimes Samsung phones got crashed somehow and later on when we get back it into working state we find that, phone has some serious issues with network.

This happens due to IMEI fault 99% times.


So how does it happens!!!

Well it happens because sometime our phones get stuck/hang on somewhere and we either try to restart the phone or try to hard reset the phone. if we are unable to do so, we go to any mobile repair shop and re program/flash the phone and bang we start facing these IMEI issues.

And the other way we face this issue if we do country/factory unlock from any less experienced person or a repair shop.


So How we can make this issue solved???

IMEI repair

Well we have got your back not worry about it.


We are able to fix/repair your Samsung smartphones IMEI issues.

So we bring you brand new services for repairing your Samsung Smartphones IMEI/network issues.

Here you can find most recent Samsung flagship phones imei/network repair service.


Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 edge IMEI repair service

Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 plus IMEI repair service.

Samsung Galaxy Note8 Imei repair Service.


So if you face any issues with network of your phone aka IMEI issues let us know or follow the above links for fixing. also you can contact us via following live chat softwares.

Here are the contact details.


Whatsapp: +8801750112636

Viber: +8801750112636

IMO: +8801750112636

Wechat: +8801750112636



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