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How to get the IMEI number from google dashboard.

Hello There,

Here is another way to get the IMEI number of your phone.

First of all you need to know what is your phone actual model number. As we tell the IMEI sometimes do not matches with running phone with back of phone / box so make sure your phone model you collect right too. for this tutorial we used a galaxy Note 4 to find the model and IMEI number.


Lets Start

Power off your phone and go to download mode by pressing Volume down + Home Button + Power button all three together. Check the Image.




When you see the screen like this Press Volume Up button. Check the Image bellow.





When you will press Volume Up, the device screen will look like this. Check the image bellow.



Now in this screen you will get the actual Model number of your phone. At upper text you can see in red color “ODIN MODE” after that you will see the Product Model: 910 (as we use Note 4 for tutorial, Note 4 models are like 910, 910F, 910C etc.) Check the Image bellow.


Now you have your phones model number.


Now Go to this link 


Login with the Gmail account you used to access google play-store or Gmail or anything of google even your phones firmware is from google so they store various information there. From google dashboard find the Android option and click to expend you will get your phones with Imei numbers. Check the attached image.

google dashboard


Now as you can Find your phone Make sure the IMEI you are searching for matches with the Phones model you collected from Download mode of your phone. Phones model will written under the IMEI as Model Name. Check the upper image.

We hope now you are able to find your actual IMEI of your running phone.


Thank you,
Samsung Account Unlock.

How to get Actual IMEI from Samsung account locked Phone.

Hello there,

Today we will show you how to get the actual IMEI Number from you Samsung account locked phone.

Lets began…….

All you need is Miracle box software and Samsung mobile USB driver. Download links bellow.


First of all Install Samsung Mobile Drivers.

Enable CP login from recovery menu of your phone (If your phone is latest model like Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4). To enter Recovery menu is simple hold Volume up + Home Button + power all 3 together. Check the image


Open Miracle Box 1.95. If it ask for upgrade ignore it and disable any active antivirus software from your PC. check the image.


When the software will open the look of software will look like this. Check the image.




    Here We will show you how to configure the software for use. check Image


  1. Click on android.
  2. Click on Samsung.
  3. Check Backup Efs.
  4. Select Mode to Normal.
  5. Connect your phone (Phone must be switched on), than Click on Scan port.
  6. Check mark on USB Cable.
  7. Finally click on Start Button.



 After software backup your efs It will come up with window to save the EFS file. Here is the twist when the popup window comes up to save, you will see the that the phone model GT-I9295_35xxxxx_efs.tar type of file(I have used GT-I9295 model for tutorial). Here after the model number GT-I9295_      35xx is the actual IMEI number of your phone. Check the image




You can also collect the actual IMEI number from the software working window too. Check the Image.



We hope that you are now able to get the actual IMEI number of your running phone. God bless all.


Thank you,

Samsung Account Unlock Team

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